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PDFCountry Park Walking Routes
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Outdoor Space

Although Jennett's Park will have an urban feel, a sense of outdoor living will be at its heart through a variety of landscaping features.

Tree planting will be important to create interest to Jennett's Park. Avenues of trees will link housing areas and each avenue will have its own predominant tree species - all adding to the development's character.

Providing a home for the area's wildlife has been a consideration in the planning of Jennett's Park and wildlife corridors will be used to link areas of open space such as Tarman's Copse and Jennett's Hill. These wildlife corridors will conserve existing habitats and provide a natural boundary to the housing areas.

Spanning a width of at least ten metres, these corridors will contain trees, hedges, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses, and are expected to be home to a number of species of insects, birds and animals.

Bringing outdoor life close to residents' doorsteps, this rural retreat will cover approximately 91 acres in the west of Jennett's Park and will be about third of the size of the development. As well as wildflower meadows, hay meadows and woodland, three distinct areas will be designed for different leisure pursuits: