Exploring Jennett's Park
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The following timetable is an indication of the possible timescale for the provision of the community and recreational facilities at Jennett's Park. 

As Jennett's Park is a large and complex development, this timetable is subject to change and all dates are anticipated.  For the latest news on the development and community facilities opening, please refer to the What’s New page.

Summer 2006 Infrastructure and ground clearance began on-site

Off site, work started on the widening of Peacock Lane, the construction of three new roundabouts and a junction to facilitate access to the new housing
Autumn 2006 First housing construction commenced

Provision of infrastructure such as new internal roads and installation of services and drainage systems continue
Winter 2006 Peacock Lane highways improvement works completed

Spring 2007 Jennett's Park is officially launched with its own website and brochure
Summer 2007 First residents move into their new homes

Work commences on the conversion of the Peacock Farm buildings to the north of Peacock Lane in the Commercial Area
Autumn 2007 Phase 2 of the internal road network to the Village Centre commenced
Winter 2007
/Spring 2008
Hall & Woodhouse opened the new pub/restaurant located to the north of Peacock Lane in the Commercial Area

Provision of a bus service served by a new bus stop along Peacock Lane

Public Art installed on the main roundabout entrance on Peacock Lane

As at the end of February 2008, approximately 100 homes were occupied
Spring/Summer 2008 First play area adjourning Tarmanís Copse planned to open

Temporary open space provided towards the south of the development in and around Jennett's Hill

Temporary Community Centre planned to open next to the pub/restaurant in the Commercial Area to the north of Peacock Lane
Autumn 2008 Approximately 250 homes are expected to be occupied

Commencement of works to form Country Park Wildflower Meadow area
Spring 2009 Second play area adjourning Burnthouse Ride planned to open. This play area has five pieces of equipment and a small kickabout area
Summer 2009 Third play area within Charles Church development planned to open

Opening of temporary kickabout area on the planned school playing field – opposite Charles Church development
Autumn 2009 Approximately 400 homes anticipated to be occupied

Spring 2010 Work anticipated to commence on the A329 Berkshire Way roundabout link

Approximately 500 homes anticipated to be occupied
Summer 2010 Commencement of village centre development comprising Community Centre, village square and Retail units*
Autumn 2010 Jennett's Country Park planned to open
Winter 2010 Anticipated completion of new junction from A329 Berkshire Way

Anticipated commencement of the commercial development area to the north of Peacock Lane
Autumn 2011 Anticipated opening of phase one (one form entry) of Primary School*

Anticipated opening of Community Centre and Retail units*
2011/12 Jennett’s Hill recreation area due to open
2014/15 Anticipated completion of development

* Please note that a number of community facilities are to be provided by third parties and their exact timetabling is not in the control of Persimmon Homes Ltd and Redrow Homes South Midlands .